“With integration of your soul-heart-mind
through your spine,
your body and life work just fine.” 

CONGRATULATIONS for choosing SHeM1 Chiropractic
featuring Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

SHeM1 is a healing journey.
At first, we help you by freeing tension from your nervous system through very light, pleasant contacts on certain points on your spine. This helps you feel much more peaceful and healthy. As the journey continues, pains and illnesses heal and you develop a deep experience of calm and safety.   

Within a few months, you will have developed a new, permanent ability to automatically release stress instead of absorbing it. You will develop greater sensitivity to your inner state of wellness and as a result, never again be afraid of pain or illness. As a result you will have better relationships—with yourself, others and with your Creator. 

These are just some of the lifetime benefits of SHeM1—freeing tension, increasing wellness and developing unique healing tools which permanently and dramatically increase your ability to manage all types of stress, empower your self-healing and help you have better relationships.

Such lofty goals are not accomplished without commitment. Dr. Newman’s commitment to you is to provide the best care possible, to teach your nervous system new and better strategies for processing stress, and to communicate with and educate you how to effectively use your new healing tools.

Your commitment is to schedule and show up for appointments according to the recommended frequency of care, to practice the exercises Dr. Newman will teach you and to take care of your financial obligations.