“With integration of your soul-heart-mind
through your spine,
your body and life work just fine.” 

CONGRATULATIONS for choosing SHeM1 Chiropractic
featuring Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

SHeM1 is a healing journey.
At first, we help you by freeing tension from your nervous system through very light, pleasant contacts on certain points on your spine. This helps you feel much more peaceful and healthy. As the journey continues, pains and illnesses heal and you develop a deep experience of calm and safety.   

Within a few months, you will have developed a new, permanent ability to automatically release stress instead of absorbing it. You will develop greater sensitivity to your inner state of wellness and as a result, never again be afraid of pain or illness. As a result you will have better relationships—with yourself, others and with your Creator. 

These are just some of the lifetime benefits of SHeM1—freeing tension, increasing wellness and developing unique healing tools which permanently and dramatically increase your ability to manage all types of stress, empower your self-healing and help you have better relationships.

Such lofty goals are not accomplished without commitment. Dr. Newman’s commitment to you is to provide the best care possible, to teach your nervous system new and better strategies for processing stress, and to communicate with and educate you how to effectively use your new healing tools.

Your commitment is to schedule and show up for appointments according to the recommended frequency of care, to practice the exercises Dr. Newman will teach you and to take care of your financial obligations.


Bring with you your completed health questionnaire (which may be downloaded from our website). When you arrive, knock softly (other clients may be receiving care) and have a seat. Dr. Moshe will open the door within a few minutes.

After Dr. Moshe studies your health questionnaire, he will examine your spine and nervous system. The examination determines where your nervous system communication is locked, where it’s accessible and the appropriate administration of entrainment contacts.


In Network Spinal Analysis, an entrainment contact is a light touch made at specific points on your spine called “Spinal Gateways”.  Gateways usually are found on the back of your neck or the lowest part of your spine, the sacrum. The touch signals your brain to reactivate an important type of communication into your body which has become interrupted/stuck as a result of trauma and/or too much stress.  

There are three levels of entrainment: basic, intermediate and advanced. Basic level entrainments are usually administered prone (lying face down) on a special chiropractic table. Before lying down, give your pidyon (see FINANCES), remove your shoes, belt, jewelry and any bulky objects from your pockets. If you prefer, first place a piece of face paper on the headrest. Lie down and rest your hands on the hand rests below your ears.

Dr. Moshe will analyze your spine and nervous system to determine the most effective contact(s). The analysis consists of an assessment of adverse tension in your nervous system, particularly the spinal cord. Objective parameters are recorded. These parameters along with a number of other indicators are used to assess your progress. 

After an appropriate entrainment contact has been made, you will usually be left to rest for a few minutes. This allows your nervous system to process and learn new information and how to respond.
While you are resting, be peacefully aware of what is happening. The first thing most people feel is a sense of the breath opening/becoming deeper. Other common sensations are feelings of peace, energy flow, heat or a sudden need to move a part of your body. 

Depending upon how disconnected your brain has become, it is possible to not feel anything at first. This bears repeating—depending upon how disconnected your brain has become, it is possible not to feel anything at first. Don’t be concerned. Within a few weeks almost everyone knows that something significant and good is going on inside of them.

Sometimes, especially as you progress through the levels of care, you will feel your body spontaneously move and/or have expressions of emotion like laughter or crying. These are all manifestations of your brain “figuring out” how to release stuck energy and tension from your body.

Usually within fifteen to twenty minutes, you will be instructed to sit up. Do so slowly. Sit for a minute or so with your eyes closed and notice what you are feeling. Level one entrainment contacts always reduce tension. You will sense greater peace, quiet, inner calm. Do not be concerned if you cannot feel this immediately. With time, you will.


Try to arrange your schedule so that you do not have to rush back into your regular world. It is very helpful to allow yourself some quiet time. Even if your schedule is very tight, you will find that if you learn to give yourself some quiet time, the rest of your time will be used much more effectively. Drink lots of pure water, for entrainments will often elicit a cleansing response. Over the next few days, your body will continue to process the entrainment.  Notice anything different about what you are feeling (not necessarily about your primary discomfort or concern), how you react to stressful situations, dreams, etc.


One of the most important factors in helping you develop a permanently more powerful nervous system is frequency and consistency of care. To learn something well, you must review the material frequently. Your brain is learning a better strategy for managing stress and vital energy. Especially in the beginning of care, within a day or two, your nervous system will revert back to its habitual way of dealing with stress. Thus it is imperative to receive entrainments fairly often. Your commitment is 24 visits in two months or three times per week.


Symptoms are your body’s voice. 

Symptoms get you to pay attention to something which needs to change or alert you to a process of change which is occurring. 

There are three main areas of life we need to refine—physical, emotional and spiritual. Symptoms are clues as to what needs to be addressed. However, in order to perceive the clues, you need an integrated communication system. Through SHeM1, this integration happens over time and, as a result, you become more able to perceive and trust your inner wisdom.With that, you are more able to heal.

Entrainment contacts are administered through objective analysis and may or may not coincide with symptoms. As long as the objective parameters are indicating increased integration, we are confident that any symptoms are within the healing process and not a sign of pathology, G-d forbid. Along the way, if you become afraid about your symptoms, you may wish to be examined by a practitioner who diagnoses and treats symptoms. Please note—treating symptoms rarely produces healing and usually slows down the healing process. Nevertheless, there may be times when you feel unable to simply trust the process and need symptom relief. Please discuss such concerns with Dr. Newman.


Dr. Newman does not receive fees, per se. Rather, he receives tzedakah as a Pidyon Nefesh. Pidyon Nefesh is a spiritual liberation of your soul energy which, according to kabbalah, is important for healing to be accomplished. 

The pidyon for the first visit is NIS 250. Subsequent visit pidyonot are NIS 180 for spinal entrainment alone, NIS 320 for private EIE (Experience Integration Exercise) training (including spinal entrainment) and NIS 50 for group EIE sessions. 

Financial assistance can be arranged on a per case basis in conference with Dr. Newman’s administrator, Chana Klein.

Chana will also schedule your appointments. You may reach Chana at 0545-770-156 during normal business hours, Sunday thru Thursday from 9am-7pm. Or you may leave a message.