Symptoms are your body’s voice. 

Symptoms get you to pay attention to something which needs to change or alert you to a process of change which is occurring. 

There are three main areas of life we need to refine—physical, emotional and spiritual. Symptoms are clues as to what needs to be addressed. However, in order to perceive the clues, you need an integrated communication system. Through SHeM1, this integration happens over time and, as a result, you become more able to perceive and trust your inner wisdom.With that, you are more able to heal.

Entrainment contacts are administered through objective analysis and may or may not coincide with symptoms. As long as the objective parameters are indicating increased integration, we are confident that any symptoms are within the healing process and not a sign of pathology, G-d forbid. Along the way, if you become afraid about your symptoms, you may wish to be examined by a practitioner who diagnoses and treats symptoms. Please note—treating symptoms rarely produces healing and usually slows down the healing process. Nevertheless, there may be times when you feel unable to simply trust the process and need symptom relief. Please discuss such concerns with Dr. Newman.