Dr. Newman does not receive fees, per se. Rather, he receives tzedakah as a Pidyon Nefesh. Pidyon Nefesh is a spiritual liberation of your soul energy which, according to kabbalah, is important for healing to be accomplished. 

The pidyon for the first visit is NIS 250. Subsequent visit pidyonot are NIS 180 for spinal entrainment alone, NIS 320 for private EIE (Experience Integration Exercise) training (including spinal entrainment) and NIS 50 for group EIE sessions. 

Financial assistance can be arranged on a per case basis in conference with Dr. Newman’s administrator, Chana Klein.

Chana will also schedule your appointments. You may reach Chana at 0545-770-156 during normal business hours, Sunday thru Thursday from 9am-7pm. Or you may leave a message.